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Why choose FloodFrame?

Effective protection

FloodFrame effectively protects your entire house, including the foundation. The customizable solution ensures protection to any level of water rise. Level of protection is agreed upon during initial consultation and is based upon local current and historical data. Protection over a height of 4’ will likely require additional structural support of the building.

Easy to deploy and low operating cost

FloodFrame uses natural buoyant forces to move into place, making this the simplest solution available. There are no daily operating fees since FloodFrame does not use electricity, chemicals, or operating technicians. The only continuous cost is the low annual subscription fee for inspection and maintenance.

Quick and easy

We make the process as seamless for you as possible. Installation takes approximately 2-4 weeks and installation cost is included in the offer. We teach you all necessary deployment steps and provide a yearly maintenance service. Should you live in a location that requires permits or HOA approval, we happily assist in the application and approval process.



No two houses or structures are alike. We tailor FloodFrame to suit your unique situation. The customized solution and precise design ensure that FloodFrame optimally protects your home.

Environmentally friendly

FloodFrame does not require electricity, any other source of energy, or chemicals. All materials used in FloodFrame are environmentally certified.



FloodFrame is concealed underground around the foundation of your home. Our customizable lid options allow you to choose a solution that compliments your yard and porch. FloodFrame lies dormant and undetectable when not in use.

Applicable for any structure

FloodFrame can be installed around any structure. Businesses, historical buildings, electrical equipment, septic tanks, water wells, storage yards, garages, multiple homes or buildings at once… if you can think it, we can protect it.

Patent Pending

FloodFrame is patent pending. Protect your home with FloodFrame and you are guaranteed that you have invested in an original high-quality product.

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