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How it works


FloodFrame is installed by our qualified, licensed contractor around the building inside of an underground box that has been uniquely designed to fit your structure. The box is located approximately 6 inches from the foundation and covered by one of our many lid options. Within these 6 inches, a drainage system is put in place to minimize potential seepage due to long standing floods. An added bonus, under normal conditions, the drainage pipe will bring moisture to your slab, helping to prevent foundation cracking! Once FloodFrame is installed, it lies concealed and dormant, ready for action.



Follow our simple deployment procedure of removing the lids, or choose our fully automated design and sit back and relax. Some homes will require temporary or permanent fencing to be placed around patio areas. Additional steps may include turning valves to prevent sewage backflow into your home, modifying downspouts to route roof water away from your home, and other unique solutions tailored for your home. FloodFrame is a comprehensive solution. We will educate you on the best way to fully protect your home in the case of a flood.



Once deployed, there is nothing left to do but sit back and watch the natural forces of water and buoyancy work together to save your home or business. FloodFrame is lightweight and therefore floats on top of water. As waters rise, FloodFrame cohesively unrolls up your building. Once the FloodFrame cloth has done its job and protected your home and belongings, it will lower with the receding waters. Give us a call to inspect and re-box the system. In the unlikely event that there was damage done to the system by debris, the cloth will be replaced.

Animated Demonstration

For an in-depth view at our technology. Please view the animated demonstration video below.


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