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What is included in my FloodFrame investment?

No two structures are alike, but FloodFrame can protect them all.

We customize FloodFrame to your unique structure, adapting it to the specific size, layout, and other relevant features such as patios, garages, stairs, and more. FloodFrame will typically be installed around AC units, septic tanks, and pool equipment that is located adjacent to the home, keeping these functional and expensive items safe from flooding.

Some features on the property may require slight modifications e.g. moving a bush, or reinforcing a fence. Our assessment takes all of this into account and is included in our final offer. The quoted price includes the entire system and installation cost. The final cost depends on the complexity of the structure and surrounding area.

Included with the FloodFrame system you’ll find; installation, choice of lid color and texture, generator, sewer system backflow prevention, foundation drainage system, back up sump pumps, AC/Pool equipment/septic tank protection,  landscaping to equal or better quality, system and deployment education, home owners guide, maintenance program, and peace of mind.


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Have you considered the following? Then FloodFrame may be the solution for you!​

  • The emotional impact of having your home and possessions flooded?

  • Living with the risk of flooding?

  • The property value decreases when your house is at risk of flooding?

  • That many homeowners struggle to sell their house when it’s at risk of flooding?

  • The cost of many months of rehousing?

  • The high cost of renovation after flooding?

  • The limitations of flood insurance?

  • The risk of losing your property, possessions, and memories?

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